Creating a powerful message

August 9, 2016

What does it take to leave an imprint on the collective memory of your target audience?

Brevity and simplicity are good places to start. Just as it’s true that people don’t want to read a lot in a print ad or on a website, neither do they want to be talked at for very long in a TV or radio spot.

It’s the times we live in... and they’re not going to change. So the cleaner and clearer you can state the case for your product or service, the better.

You can wrap it up in humor. People are mad for “funny”. They want advertising that entertains them.

If humor isn’t suitable, then seed the benefit of your product or service in the most compelling prose you (or the ad agency copywriter you’re paying) can conceive of. Stating your case in fresh language can do a lot to persuade a consumer.

Something else that’s critical to remember is that copy isn’t the only tool you can or should use to get your message across. The visual component of every delivery channel (print, TV, web) plays an essential role. Contemporary audiences are visually attuned. The language of what’s seen is every bit as important to them – more important, some would maintain – then the language of what’s said. Speak to them in that language.

All this seems like a no brainer, right? Something every Marketing Director and Director of Advertising knows like the back of their hand.

And yet there are still print ads and TV spots – lots of them – that take a very long route to make a very short point.

A shorter route, and one with really good scenery, is more likely to yield the results you’re looking for.

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