Disruption Interrupted

June 24, 2019

Congratulations, you’re changing the world! You’ve successfully shaken up a tired old industry with sheer smarts, ingenuity and innovation, and now the sky is the limit. Whether it’s blockchain or AI or an indispensable new platform or a game-changing technology or simply a new and better way of doing things, you’ve created something special, and it’s quite possible that your organization – what you offer, what you stand for, and what you accomplish – will never be the same again. And all for the better.

But while we’re rightfully celebrating your accomplishments and toasting the proverbial champagne, there is one slight problem… 

While you’ve now mastered physics, the rest of us are still back here in Pre-Calculus, unaware of your major innovations, unfamiliar with how it’s going to impact our lives, and frankly a bit confused and concerned about change of any kind, because even change for the better is scary for the masses.

And therein lies your dilemma. 

You’re on a trajectory to disrupt an industry and perhaps even culture itself, in a position to genuinely affect the quality of people’s lives through your innovations; but with these incredible strides your organization has made, it’s now critical that you shift your focus to something even more important, because this is what will determine your eventual success.

  The stories you tell.  The audiences you excite.  The experiences you deliver. The employees you attract. The ethos of your brand.

Simple question – As you’ve evolved your business, has your brand kept pace? Do the audiences you want to reach know what you stand for and how you can improve their lives?  Do they know where to find you, and are they compelled to spend time getting to know you? And are you appropriately set up to allow them to get to know you, on whatever channel they so desire? Not only customers, but employees, partners and other stakeholders as well.

Does the marketplace understand how you now differentiate from the competition, and are they excited about you? Have you constructed thought leadership worthy of your innovations, and have you deployed it to effectively elevate your brand’s credibility, and that of your executives?

And are you prepared to break through the never-ending noise and the 24-hour news cycle to matter in the eyes of those to whom you need to matter, today, tomorrow and every day thereafter?

Only when you live at the intersection of business and brand can you truly thrive. Otherwise, where disruption would have been possible, disruption will be interrupted. Think about it. 

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