Facebook Under Scrutiny Again

March 23, 2018

Recently, Facebook came under scrutiny again for its reported inaccuracies in measuring advertiser data. According to the New York Times, in late 2016, Facebook apologized for overstating how it measured video viewership, noted errors among four of its products, and for inaccurately reporting the number of people an advertiser has potential to reach on the social platform. Facebook is cherished by brands and advertisers alike for its wealth of consumer data, but after Proctor & Gamble called out Facebook’s glaring measurement inconsistencies, businesses are rethinking how they collect digital data and what story they should tell once their message is received by consumers. Part of the problem is a lack of standardization in measuring across platforms, the major complaint coming from Proctor & Gamble. Facebook has opened up about their media practices, and this open line of communication has been praised by P&G. That being said, many digital media companies are scrambling after the many revelations on how digital data is being used and what the true impact it’s had on sales. For the amount of data collected from digital ad platforms, companies don’t want to be misled with overstated views that greatly diminish their ROI. That’s what lead to P&G’s call for standardization in the face of overwhelming choices. The Facebook video issue is yet another example of how easy it is for miscommunication to occur in the digital space. Facebook counted autoplays as views without users actually engaging with the video at all, which is a misleading way of gauging viewership. If brands and digital media companies can come together to form a dialogue about measurement expectations and standardization, the result will be better digital advertising that produces measurable results.

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