Logo Trends

June 22, 2015

Bill Gardner, a graphic designer and founder of LogoLounge, writes a report every year about current logo trends and fads. He's published his findings for this year in the 2015 LogoLounge Trend Review.

His research on 2015 logos has yielded a variety of whimsical classifications, such as: dots, contours, concentrak, sparkle, pick-up sticks, coloring, circle break, trixelate, photo, rays, naive, coded, chroma coaster, detail, and shaded.

Our neighbors down the street, Redhead Design Studio, had one of their pieces of work featured! It was their gold-Addy-winning logo for their "Love Lake Michigan Campaign" for Delta Institute. Gardner classified it as a shaded logo:


In a Quartz article, Gardner emphasizes that people should not read his report and use it as a guideline for their new project. He says:
Be educated by this, stand on the shoulders of others to advance our industry, but please do not consider this report a suggestion of what your next project should look like."
Rather than follow the guidelines, he suggests knowing where we come from to get a proper assessment of where we are now.
You have to know what’s been done in order to have relevance. It’s more important to know how you got there, rather than to know where you are."

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