Music Services

Music Services

Music defines the essence of a brand. Let our writers, musicians, and brand experts breathe life into your next project.

Music ServicesAt Harvest Creative Services, we go above and beyond in providing a full range of music services for both national influencers and competitive brands.

Music is the emotional connection to your audience. We create music that will express your brand in a powerful and memorable way.

Original Music

Music creates an undeniable bond with an audience. Harvest has assembled a remarkable team of writers and musicians to create any kind of music that your audience won’t just hear. They’ll listen to it.

Music Supervision

Harvest has a strong foundation in music. More than just supervision and placement, we quickly find the perfect song to bring impact to your project. We have years of experience, industry connections, and dare we say —  impeccable taste. Contact Colleen to get started »

Music Highlights

Harvest Creative began as a music house. Our roots go deep with a history of award-winning original compositions, finding new talent, and creating brand cornerstones. Why not use our expertise to craft a powerful and unforgettable musical experience for your audience.

Harvest Creative Services

Brand Development, Creative Services, Motion Graphics, Music, Production

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Brand Development, Creative Services, Motion Graphics, Music, Production



Brand Development, Creative Services, Motion Graphics, Music, Production

“Herbert-Herman Cancer Center – Leadership”

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Rights Clearance

How do you secure the rights to third party materials and intellectual property – particularly when the deadline and budget are tight? Harvest has the expertise to help you manage the rights clearance process to ensure that music, scripts, footage, stills, talent, brands and any other rights are properly cleared for all media. Contact us to get started »

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