Six Reasons Why Your Brand Should Consider Native Advertising: A Lesson in Brilliance, Aided by Buzzfeed

October 13, 2015

In a world of ad blocking, ad skipping and ad-free streaming services, things are looking bleak for brands wishing to establish their online presence… Or are they? Enter: native advertising – a form of online advertising that appears in the style and format of the content in which it appears. This sort of advertising has been mastered by the folks at Buzzfeed, and brands are starting to take advantage. Here are six reasons your brand should be one of them, illustrated by the masters themselves.

  1. 1. People actually want to watch – and share! – good native content. Take this video from Purina Puppy Chow. For anyone thinking that people won’t pay attention to native advertising, the 10+ million views of this video should convince you otherwise. What’s not to love about a man and his new puppy? Capitalizing on the success of this original Puppyhood video, Purina then produced a series of follow up videos, garnering additional brand attention, all promoting their products and driving people to their website.

  2. 2. You can incorporate user-generated content. UGC plus cute things said by children equals a surefire way to get people to read your stuff. Check out these adorable reasons why moms are our heroes, straight from the mouths of babes… and published by Quaker. This post involves readers, making the content extra relatable. Slap on a cute graphic, add some adorable photos, and you’re ready to go!

  3. 3. Native advertising offers brands the opportunity to tie in key brand messaging, without being obnoxious or distracting from the content itself. This post from Fiber One acknowledges that their target probably struggles with weight loss, and the whimsical, fictitious inventions speak directly to them. The post ends with an infinitely clever Fiber One spot that fits in perfectly with the rest of the content.

  4. 4. Looking to show that your brand is hip and with the times? Try native content in the spirit of this post from Hulu. Everyone (including Hulu) knows that the best thing about September is the return of all our favorite shows. Their post captures the excitement surrounding premiere season and encourages readers to catch up on last season’s drama, using Hulu of course.

  5. 5. Native content is an opportunity to show your brand’s personality – and for your company to flex their creative muscles. This hilarious post from Scion posits mock invention scenarios of everyday objects in an effort to highlight the 2016 iA and iM’s many features that all come standard. This is a great example of clever, entertaining content that sparks interest right from the headline and (BONUS!) incorporates brand language.

  6. 6. Native advertising can be a unique way to promote a key product benefit in an unexpected way. For example, Buick offers 24-hour test drives. Read that sentence again. “Buick offers 24-hour test drives.” Bored? We thought so. To combat boredom everywhere, the brand put together a 24-hour guide to the most relaxing Saturday ever – keeping the connection to their product benefit without subjecting readers to unspeakable boredom.

One thing’s for sure: online advertising is not doomed. As demonstrated by the brands above and the folks at Buzzfeed, getting your voice heard just might require a bit of innovation. We at Harvest are up to the challenge.

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